I don’t ‘believe’ in the theory of evolution

I find issue with atheists and skeptics saying “I believe in evolution” or “I believe in the big bang theory”. If you simply ‘believe’ in these theories then you just aren’t supporting the science.

Wording is very important when it comes to trying to get your message across and avoiding misinformation.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “Belief” as “faith; trust; an expectation”.
Saying you believe in a theory says you have faith, trust and an expectation that it is true. Not that there is substantial evidence to provide a firm understanding and proof of the theory.
However most theories may be subject to change and can be disproved, so you have to be open to change and even giving up your acceptance of said theory.

I accept the theory of evolution. I accept the current evidence for it which has been procured through the scientific method and peer review.
However, if a new piece of evidence is brought to light through the scientific method which disproves the theory of evolution I may begin to question the evidence.

Take gravity for example. We don’t believe in gravity, we know and accept it. Experiments have been done using the scientific method to provide evidence that objects with mass attract one another. The greater the mass, the greater the attraction. That is now fact thanks to these experiments.
The theory of evolution doesn’t have enough evidence to prove that life evolved on earth the way it says, however, the amount of evidence is greater than any other theory out there for how life came to be on this planet. Thus I accept it.
However, further research and experimentation must be done to find out if evolutions is fact. But until then, we can still accept it.

In conclusion. Wording is everything, especially in a debate. Even more so against someone who is religious. If you express something incorrectly, they can and will twist it back at you.
You also want to avoid providing misinformation to less knowledgeable persons and new comers to these theories. It is possible they can get confused and reject the idea based upon a skewed view or even go on and spread this misinformation to others.

Me and my mate Tux


6 responses to “I don’t ‘believe’ in the theory of evolution

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  3. Very well written and I have no argument with it at all. I’m also one of those who use the wrong words at times and appreciate the reminder. 🙂

  4. I have recently written a couple of pieces about the misuses of language by the naysayers of science:

    Misuse of Occam’s Razor: http://atheistclimber.wordpress.com/2010/05/26/alone_in_the_universe/

    Misuse of “theory”: http://atheistclimber.wordpress.com/2010/05/16/the-truth-is-out-there/

    I also wrote a piece about beliefs, playing this idea of “belief” up:

  5. Great post by the way, I look forward to more from you!

  6. Nice post. In real evolution I don’t believe neither does my family. That’s why we aren’t allowed to hear the Big Bang Theory theme song. 🙂

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